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The Chianti village of Chiocchio on the via Chiantigiana in Tuscany, Italy


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Ugolino Golf Course

Pieve di San Donato

Mugnana Castle

Chiocchio is a stretch of shops and houses surrounded by vineyards and located on SR 222, the scenic "via Chiantigiana" road running from Florence through Chianti, Italy to Sienna, through the Chianti wine zone of Tuscany, Italy. There are also one or two restaurants and pleasant rural accommodation nearby.

Locanda Il Gallo in Chiocchio

The restaurant "Locanda Il Gallo" in Chiocchio.

In Roman times the Via Cassia ran nearby on its route from Arretium (Arezzo) to Florentia (Florence). The mediaeval name of Chiocchio was "Fonte del Brocco" and from at least the 13 C assumed such importance as it had from the intersection of the via Chiantigiana with the road running to the castles of Mugnano and Cintoia, and the tower house at Fonzacchino, as well as the religious nuclei of the Oratorio di San Giusto a Montemartiri, the church of San Michele a Rugliana and the Monastery of Santa Margerita a Sugame. Chiocchio has two churches of interest nearby. These are the 12 C church of San Donato a Mugnana and the more recent Church of Santa Maria at Chiocchio, formerly called the Church of Our Lady of the Good Voyage. In addition to these churches there are several other interesting Chianti Romanesque parish churches in the area.

Pieve di San Donato a Mugnana

Church of San Donato a Mugnana

Castle of Mugnana

Castle of Mugnana

Festivals in Chiocchio

Sagra del Cinghiale - Wild Boar festival - 4th week of the month of April every year - opportunities to taste various dishes centred around boar meat - stuffed pasta, roasts and grills, salami.

Profumo d'Autunno
Market and sale of typical products - first weekend of December 2016

Accommodation near Chiocchio

Farm Stay Accommodations near Chiocchio in Tuscany

Podere Barberino Farm Stay Accommodations near Chiocchio

"Podere Barberino" is a working winery located about 1 km from Chiocchio. The winery offers 6 double rooms with en suite bathrooms, two with air conditioning. Communal cooking facilities are available and traditional Tuscan dinners can be arranged. Podere Barberino houses various small farm animals and has a small soccer field, making it ideal for children. CHILDREN FRIENDLY. More about Podere Barberino farm stay accommodations in Tuscany

Country self-catering apartments - air conditioned (near Chiocchio)

"Il Girasole" offers three modern air-conditioned apartments for 2 - 5 persons. Each apartment has its own small terrace with tables and chairs. There are a restaurant, a bar and a grocery shop in Chiocchio, within a five minute walk of Il Girasole. We are located just 4 km from the famous Ugolino Golf Course . The SITA bus stop for Florence is a couple of minutes away and the ride to the very centre of Florence takes 45 minutes. More about "Il Girasole" vacation apartments to rent near Ugolino Golf Course.

More vacation accommodation near Chiocchio

Castello di Mugnana

Castle of Mugnana Castello di Mugnana

The church and castle of Mugnana are an easy hike from Chiocchio.
The castle is probably built on the remains of Ad Aquileia (Equilia), a Roman way-station on the Via Cassia. The church is open to the public and offers a splendid view of the castle and surrounding country. The "Chianti League" was founded by the signing of a peace treaty between Florence and Radda, Castellina and Gaiole in the castle of Mugnana in 1198. More about the Castle of Mugnana.

Ugolino Golf Course

More about Ugolino Golf Course

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